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Personalized Home Tuitions for IB (International Baccalaureate) In Mumbai

The IB programmes are designed to help students become well-rounded individuals who can face today’s difficulties with optimism and an open mind.

Our four programmes have provided a stable, consistent framework and the freedom to adjust students’ education to their culture and setting for more than 50 years.

Teachers can use IB programmes to help students become resilient, self-motivated young people with the knowledge, skills, and sense of purpose they need to succeed in life and contribute to making the world a better place.

Wisdom Academy’s IB Home Tutors in Mumbai can transform a student’s academic life with their dedication and planned teaching methods. Our tutors help their students reach their full potential. Furthermore, all of our Tutors are highly certified, trained, experienced, and skilled experts. The majority of them work in prestigious IB world schools.

Highlights of Wisdom Academy’s Top Home Tutors for IB (International Baccalaureate) in Mumbai

At Wisdom Academy, we execute continuous innovations to help you understand the IB syllabus with complete satisfaction.
Deep Knowledge of subject and curriculum

Our IB Tutors are experts in their fields. The majority of them are IB examiners with Ph.D. or M.Phil. degrees in their fields. Our tutors have a lot of expertise working with IB students and IB curriculum. As a result, they have extensive topic knowledge and know how to impart it to their students. Tutors force you to answer a lot of extra questions and assist you in completing past IB papers. This improves your preparations, and you're closer to achieving your goal of a 7 on your IB examinations.

Regular and Strict testing

We believe in rigorous testing on a regular basis. At the end of each chapter, our IB tutors take the chapter-end test. At the end of three chapters/one unit, there will be a unit test. We also administer a half-syllabus examination and a full-length mock exam. Our IB home tutors in Mumbai make sure that each student completes at least six to eight previous year papers.

Prompt Feedback

IB home tutors in Mumbai keep in constant contact with parents and guardians. They give students timely feedback on their academic achievement. If necessary, our tutors are quite open to asking assistance from parents for the sake of the student's development. And because parents are continually aware of their children's academic progress, they may intervene quickly if a problem arises.

About Wisdom Academy

It is the goal of education to impart knowledge in youngsters that will help them become better learners and humans. Children must learn skills that will assist them in growing and developing in a positive and successful manner.

For kids aged 3 to 19, the IB offers four high-quality programmes that give international education while also improving the environment. IB programmes promote critical thinking, problem-solving, international mindedness, curiosity, and a positive learning and excellence environment. Students who complete the IB curriculum have distinct benefits because they learn to trust the world and ask the correct questions in order to arrive at the right answers.

Wisdom Academy’s IB tuitions in Mumbai are all about having the proper mix of knowledge, engagement, and communication skills. Our IB online tutoring classes are designed for each student and fit into any family’s busy schedule. With grades now being closely related to life chances and professional advancements, it’s more crucial than ever to accommodate each student’s learning aptitude and flexibility. For efficient mentoring of young kids across geographical borders, we use a variety of interactive teaching methodologies and strategies. Our IB tuitions in Mumbai are taught with the understanding that each student is different in terms of learning and comprehension abilities.


Why Choose Wisdom Academy’s Home Tutors for IB (International Baccalaureate) in Mumbai

We Provide Home Tuitions for IGCSE in Mumbai for the Following Subjects

Wisdom Academy Also Help in Making

In addition to completing his or her subject exams, a candidate must meet three essential requirements to receive an IB diploma & Wisdom Academy helps the students in the 3 below mentioned criterions:

Extended Essay (EE)

Candidates must produce an independent research essay of up to 4,000 words in one of the authorized EE subjects from the list below. Although it is not obligatory, the candidate may opt to research a topic within the subject they are currently studying. The EE may be written on a topic that is cross-disciplinary.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

This course gives practice in establishing the meaning and validity of knowledge by introducing students to theories about the nature and constraints of knowledge (basic epistemology) (critical thinking). It is described as a "flagship element" of the Diploma Program, and it is the only course that all diploma candidates must complete. TOK entails 100 hours of teaching, a 1600-word externally assessed essay (from a list of six IB-approved topics worth 67 percent), and an internally scored presentation (worth 33 percent) on the candidate's chosen topic.

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

Through participation in social or community service (service), athletics or other physical activities (activity), and creative activities, CAS aims to provide students with opportunities for personal growth, self-reflection, intellectual, physical, and creative challenges, and awareness of themselves as responsible members of their communities (creativity). Though "hour counting" is not encouraged, the minimal amount of CAS activity across the two-year curriculum is around 3–4 hours per week. There used to be a requirement to complete 150 CAS hours, however it was removed in 2010. Some schools, however, still demand these hours.

IB Results


Name : Atharva Pawar
Attempt: May-June 2022
School: Dr Pillai International School
Result: Maths (HL) – Score 7 Computer Science (SL) – Score 6 Physics (HL) – Score 7 Chemistry (SL) – Score 6


Name : Aria Fernandes
Attempt: May-June 2022
School: Oberoi International School
Result: Maths (HL) – Score 7 ESS (SL) – Score 6 Business Management (SL) – Score 6

soham-kadam (1)

Name : Soham Kadam
Attempt: May-June 2022
School: JBCN International School
Result: Physics (HL) – Score 6 Economics (HL) – Score 6 Chemistry (SL) – Score 6


Name : Vaishnavi Kelaskar
Attempt: May-June 2022
School: Poddar International School
Result: Maths (HL) – Score 7 Business Management (SL) – Score 6 Economics (HL) – Score

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